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Bereznitsky Art Foundation - institution that aims at supporting contemporary art in Ukraine and integrating Ukrainian artists into the world cultural environment. The Foundation contributes to the development of the art scene and takes an active part in shaping humanitarian policy through grant programs, competitions, exhibitions and various scientific and educational programs. The Foundation's priorities are the establishment and development in Ukraine of such areas as curatorial activities, the integration of current art practices in traditional museums and interdisciplinary cooperation.
To create a strong interest of international art institutions, independent art professionals and collectors of the Ukrainian art scene.
Put Kyiv on the map of international art / cultural tourism.
To establish the position of Ukraine as a center for the development of contemporary art among the countries of Eastern Europe, from the Baltic Sea to the Caucasus.
To be a catalyst for creative processes in Ukraine by "injecting" a competing international cultural product.
Promote the development of a unique multicultural dialogue between artists.
To develop the image of Kyiv as the cultural capital of Ukraine, which attracts both domestic tourists from Ukraine and from abroad.

Develop the infrastructure of the network of arts institutions, which will become a platform for creating a unique national cultural product.
To acquaint the public with the new format of cultural events and the latest achievements of modern visual art.
Create a training and academic platform consisting of two sectors: lectures for the general public and a conference / round table for international experts.
To inform the world art community about events through leading international media.
Attract the interest of foreign cultural institutions, experts and collectors.

Directions The main activities of the Foundation are:
  • Support independent creative initiatives and pilot projects;
  • Presentation of an important part of the Ukrainian art scene in a global context;
  • Educating a new generation of young professionals (curators, managers, critics);
  • Finding the relation between art and social life;
  • Developing collaboration between government agencies and the corporate sector to promote cultural development;
  • Promoting close regional partnerships and communication between local arts centers across Ukraine.
The Foundation's projects are funded by donors through international grant programs, corporate sponsors, patrons and government target programs, as well as a wide network of international partners. The Foundation has a non-profit status.
Lyudmila Bereznitska is a Ukrainian art critic, cultural scientist, curator, and collector. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Lyudmila, one of the most influential women in the Ukrainian art scene. She is the largest collector of Soviet and contemporary Ukrainian art. Ludmila was one of the first to attempt to bring the local context closer to international art market standards.
Eugene Bereznytsky is a curator, collector, founder of the Kyiv Art Week International Festival and the Kyiv Art Fair. Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. Member of the Expert Council for Contemporary Art at the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. He has organized and conducted more than 200 art events in Ukraine and abroad.